A Guide to Wearing Colorful And Crazy Funky Socks For Men

Gone are the days when colorful and crazy pattern socks were meant to be worn by the feminine gender and men would wear only sock in dark colors such as brown, black, blue and of course the traditional white. The basic rule of thumb that has usually been followed till date is the color of the socks should match the color of the trouser that you are wearing. That means that if you are wearing blue trouser you should team it with blue sock, dark gray sock with charcoal trousers and so on. But that is boring. You can get vibrant canada socks options online.

Though it is a good rule that helps all men look good and will always be appropriate for business meetings but for those who are adventurous in dressing, it gets dull after a while. So how about mixing it up an introducing some color in your socks. You can buy cool socks online with lot of online company selling such socks.

Though sock are mostly hidden under the suit attire, yet when it speaks out, the bold personality of the person who is wearing it shines through the colorful and crazy patterns that evoke imagination and curiosity. So let's talk about sock styles. What are they and when you should wear them?

The Bright solids:
The socks that come under this category are those that are bold in color but simple in looks. It brings a pop of color to your attire. Experiment a little using such sock and let your personality shine. You can get bright options at Yo Sox Canada.

Rules for such sock:
Do not match the color of the socks with the rest of the outfit. Also do try to compliment or contrast your sock color with another detail on the outfit that you are wearing such as a bowtie, tie or may be a pocket square. You can buy funky sock online where you will get a lot of variety to choose from.

You may even think of experimenting with holiday colors such as green for St Patrick's Day, orange for Halloween and so on.

The Argyle Sock
This type of socks comes in diamonds shapes in various patterns and colors. The pattern and color will help capture your look.

Rules for such socks:
Never match your socks with the shoes that you are wearing. You can try some playful colors such as purple or pink. You can buy such funky socks online.

The patterned sock:
Dots, stripes, birds-eye, circles, chevron and so on fall under this category. Wearing such sock will help you to be uncommonly self-confident.

Rules for such socks:
Do let your creativity flow when thinking of wearing such sock. You must not match the patterns with the rest of your look.

Apart from the above patterns, there are some common rules that should be followed while wearing any pattern of the sock. You must avoid showing skin after you have worn your sock. It should be long enough to cover your ankle and also part of the calf. In today's world where people like to dress differently, do not worry if your sock stands out. Experiment, have fun by wearing colorful and crazy socks and enjoy your summer as well as well as winters in great sock fashion. The above tricks and tips can be utilized by you the next time that you plan to buy cool socks online. Here are some nice examples of crazy socks:  https://youtu.be/B9Lo6AZbk4o